Information. Insights. Intelligence.

TADA is an intelligent business platform that combines a company’s business model, operating model, and disparate data sources into a unified digital duplicate – ten times faster, ten times better, and at a tenth the expense of any alternative technology.
Are you drowning in data?

Is your disparate business data overwhelming or confusing the organization? Are decisions being delayed, causing lost or diminished market advantage? Does your organization distrust its own data? TADA turns complexity into a competitive advantage. We unleash innovative decision making and drive simplicity by aggregating existing information quickly and easily. By assimilating new information, TADA can visualize and analyze data in ways that drive intuitive decision making.

How it works

We create a 360 view of what's going on in your organization. To do that we build, bind, and blast your Digital Duplicate.™


First, we create a digital duplicate of your entire operation using the semantics and language of your business.


Then we rapidly connect all of your business data from disparate sources without the need of a data warehouse.


Finally, we align your organizational thinking with the data to inspire real-time collaboration & problem solving.


Creating a 360° view

By creating a 360° view of what’s going on in your organization, TADA reveals unique insights that help drive collaboration and problem solving across an entire enterprise.

Everything you need

The TADA platform is full of features that help make your operations clearer, thus helping you understand what is taking place faster.
Rapid Deployment
Implement and launch in only 6 to 8 weeks, allowing for rapid impact and benefit across business units.
Infinite Navigation
Navigate your business both horizontally and vertically, exploring information the way your mind operates.
Meaningful Analytics
Follow and react to trends and patterns in your business as data tells stories worthy of your attention.
Cross Platform
Access your information on-demand from multiple devices with seamless performance - no matter the platform.
Powerful Notifications
Get notified of important changes or disparity in your business operations in real-time, when they happen.
Real-Time Collaboration
Interact with others instantly, avoiding lengthy delays by chasing out-of-date data across multiple silos.